Burns Dental Care

Membership Plan

The Burns Dental Care Membership Plan has been designed to provide you and your family with affordable preventive dental coverage that your dentist owns and administers.

Not only does the Burns Dental Care Membership Plan provide outstanding coverage on preventive services, the plan offers excellent discounts on dental procedures like fillings, sealants, crowns, bridges, partials, and dentures.

If asked, most people would agree that decisions about dentistry are best made between the patient and their dentist.

Since our membership plan is not administered by a third party insurance company, all the decisions regarding your dental treatment will be decided by you and your dentist without the need for claim forms, approvals, deductibles, or waiting periods.

Burns Dental Care Membership benefits cannot be combined with existing dental or insurance plans.

Exams 100% Discount
Emergency Exam 20%Discount
Cleanings 100% Discount
Routine X-Rays 100% Discount
Fluoride $18
Oral Cancer Screening $10
Additional Films 20% Discount
Sealants 20% Discount
Fillings 20% Discount
Extractions 20% Discount
Periodontal Services 20% Discount
Select Endodontic Services 20% Discount
Inlays & Onlays 20% Discount
Crown & Bridge Services 20% Discount
Dentures & Partials 20% Discount



  • Coverage is for one year starting from the day the premium is paid.
  • Any procedures in progress, performed before, or after the member’s eligibility period will be excluded.
  • Exams and cleanings are covered twice per policy year, bite-wing    x-rays once per year. Difficult cleanings (i.e. heavy smoker, neglected teeth, etc.) are subject to an additional $25 surcharge.
  • Any additional cleanings and additional treatment will be discounted at 20%.
  • Other exclusions and limitations may apply.
  • Missed or broken appointments without 48-hour notice will be charged $40.
  • All member co-payments are due at time of service